I am a change agent with the ability to approach both analytical and methodical thought processes with creativity and imagination. I have an eye for talent and a history of driving business results and engagement by uniting people in collaborative team efforts.

I have spent years working in a fast-pace and diverse environment and have the adaptability to work on various projects with creativity, high energy and enthusiasm. I have had several managerial roles that have helped me hone my interpersonal skills in a way that allows me to both uncover the root of an issue and simultaneously encourage others to reach their goals.

With a natural curiosity for life, I’m always exploring different ways of interpreting the parameters provided. There are always at least 10 ways to work within parameters given and I take every opportunity to interpret and look at different ways of thinking to solve problems.

I am now looking to combine my management, engagement and creative background in a management or director position. My goal is to do so as a Creative Consultant. I am seeking work as either a Creative Manager/Director or Employee Relations Consultant in a creative setting.

View resume here. To contact Christina Rimstad please email crimstad[at]gmail[dot]com