I started loading, developing and processing my own film and photographs when I was fourteen years old. After high school I began to pursue a degree in photography. I attended Wilbur Wright College, in Chicago where I had two amazing photography teachers who taught me how to perfect a photograph not only in taking it but printing it as well. I had a few of my photographs published in the school’s Annual Arts publication and also had several photos in the Annual Fall Art show.

After a year of studying at Wilbur Wright College I moved back to Minneapolis and finished my degree at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree in Studio Arts-Photography. Since graduation I have worked as a freelance photographer, having my photos published in local newspapers: City Pages, Star Tribune,, and Pulse of the Twin Cities, regionally-based PLS Mag; and National publication URB Magazine. I have also been involved in B-Girl Be’s visual exhibition at Intermedia Arts, as well as a show at Joan of Art Gallery in Minneapolis.

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Selected Black and White photographs

Selected Color Photographs

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