AIGA Minnesota Interview

AIGA Minnesota Design Show

Interview with Christina Rimstad, Chair, AIGA Minnesota Design Show 2010.

1. What do you like about your position as chair of Design Show?

The best part of serving as the AIGADesign Show Chair is getting to meet and working with all the different people in the local design community. There is a lot of talent out there — so much more than I expected — that in turn has inspired my own designs and career direction, especially since I just finished my Post Baccalaureate degree in Graphic Design at MCAD.

2. What are the committee’s goals for Design Show?

One of the committee’s primary goals this year is to bring awareness to the Interactive Design category. Last year was the first year the category was introduced into the Design Show, so we want to make sure we reach out to everyone in that area of design and get them involved. Just as a note, all Interactive Design category winners will be displayed on computers this year and not printed out. After all, it’s interactive, right?

Another top committee goal is to go beyond the AIGA Member list and reach out further into the regional design community to get new artists involved as well as those who haven’t been involved recently, or those who have stopped over the past couple of years. The purpose of the show is to get a wide sampling of what is happening in the design community, and we need to make a concerted effort to reach out to those who may not be aware the event is happening. We as artists inspire each other, and events like this are so important to the design community as it encourages collaboration and innovation.

3. What are some challenges and rewards involved in planning for Design Show?

A challenge for me personally is putting together a show that is design-based as opposed to music-based. I have more than 6 years of experience working on various marketing campaigns doing event coordination in the music industry with major East and West Coast companies, as well as local musicians, but I’ve never coordinated a design show so there are a lot of new things to experience and learn. On the flip side, as an artist I’ve also participated in many different design shows, so I am well aware of the frustrations that can be felt on that end as well. So, my goal is to make a positive use out of all the different show experiences, both good and bad, that I have had to really create a show that will be unique, fun, and hip. I want to make it a show that people in the future will look back on and reference as a milestone in the local design community.

Another challenge has been filtering through the many new ideas I have to freshen things up. So many art and design shows seem to follow a pretty standard template and I am really trying to step outside the box with this. And, with anything that constitutes change, it is difficult to do so within various constraints, as well as not pushing too far with the committee.

The reward of being the Chair is absolutely the experience of working with a wide array of designers on the Design Show Committee, the AIGABoard, and all of the talented individuals in the community. However, I think the biggest reward will come on March 26, when everything is ready to roll and people show up to experience what is truly going to be an “event” at The Walker.


4. What are a few reasons why designers should submit their work to Design Show?

It is your chance as a designer to receive recognition for all your hard work from one of the largest professional association for designers – AIGA.

The show will be at The Walker Art Center and up for only ONE DAY! It is your chance as a designer to say to your friends, “check it out, my work is up at the Walker!”

We’re really ramping up the Interactive Design category, with all the award winners presented on display monitors that will be live for people to interact with.

We’ve got a new category this year — Illustration has been added as a Category for Design show.